Sample data

This section provides study and metadata files in the required format to facilitate the generation of sample reports.

The first data example uses data from the Study of Health in Pomerania (SHIP-0, examinations from 1997-2001). To secure anonymity and for illustrative purposes, some noise has been introduced to the data and a 50% sample has been taken.

The second data example is based on synthetic data created within R.

SHIP-based Example Data

  • Study data in CSV format
  • Meta data in XLSX format
  • Data frame-level meta data in XLSX format
  • Meta data (item level) in CSV format
  • Study Data in RDS format
  • Meta data (item level) RDS format
  • Contradiction checks (cross-item level) CSV format
  • Missing code annotations (missing table) CSV format

Synthetic Example Data

  • Study data in