This tutorial covers how to analyse selected data quality indicators using data from the Study of Health in Pomerania (SHIP START-0, 1997-2001). We follow the data quality framework from Schmidt et al., 2021,, which organizes the data quality indicators as follows:

The example data and metadata are available here. See the introductory tutorial for instructions on importing these files into R, as well as details on their structure and contents. For more details on the framework see the concept description.

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Schmidt, C.O., Struckmann, S., Enzenbach, C., Reineke, A., Stausberg, J., Damerow, S., Huebner, M., Schmidt, B., Sauerbrei, W., and Richter, A. (2021). Facilitating harmonized data quality assessments. A data quality framework for observational health research data collections with software implementations in r. BMC Medical Research Methodology 21, 1–15.